“My daughter had been in psychotherapy for two years dealing with an intense traumatic experience. She was not making much progress until she started working with Sarah. After two sessions with Sarah, my daughter had a breakthrough in psychotherapy and was quickly able to move past the trauma and wrap up therapy. Without Sarah’s healing work, I believe my daughter would still be “stuck,” unable to process and move past the trauma. The beautiful thing about Sarah’s work is that it didn’t require my daughter to discuss or re-live any piece of the trauma in order for it to be cleared.”


“Following major surgery, my sense of taste was affected so severely that I was unable to eat and lost 18 lbs and much strength over 25 days. Eggs tasted sulfurous and rotten; meat tasted like it was horribly salty and had begun to spoil. I asked Sarah to treat me even though I was skeptical being a retired physician. The morning following her session, eggs tasted like fresh eggs, not like sulfur. That evening ground beef tasted good, neither salty nor spoiled. The taste effects from the session persisted long term and facilitated my recovery.”


“After only one session with Sarah the intense tinnitus (ringing in ears) that I’ve experienced daily since childhood was greatly improved.  After continued work, the tinnitus is now mostly quiet – what a relief!”


“Working with Sarah has greatly improved our relationship with our 6 year old daughter, whom was adopted from foster care as a toddler, has attachment disorder and finds physical and emotional closeness challenging. She said out of the blue “I love my family” for the first time!”


“I was terrified of heights.  My dad used to try to pick me up so I can put the star on our Christmas tree. It scared me and I screamed. Being picked up was scary enough! Then I saw Sarah. Sarah took my fear of heights away.  Right after that, my family and I went to visit my grandpa in Germany. He likes to hunt. I went with him and my dad to his lookout.  It was two stories high! I climbed all these wooden stairs without fear. Thank you Sarah!”  Child, age 7


“After having major surgery, Sarah’s sessions helped me eat the kinds of food my body needed, which was instrumental in my healing.  Prior to her sessions, I could not eat those kinds of foods.  I am now well on my way to recovery and have increased energy every day.”


“I had a lot of coughing and didn’t feel good and did the tapping that Sarah showed me and I felt better and slept good.  It’s easy and I can do it myself.  I like doing it a lot now because it makes me feel better.”  Child, age 6


“Since working with Sarah I’ve experienced spiritual growth and physical health.  Sarah has a great understanding of the functions of the human body and uses Body Talk and other modalities to clear the blocks that keep my health and spirit stagnant.  I feel so free after sessions with her. As I continue to work with Sarah, along with the practice of meditation and open awareness, I feel so much more alive.”


I had suffered seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember. After two sessions with Veritas Wellness my swollen, itchy eyes and uncontrollable sneezing are gone.”


“Sarah is a gifted healer.  She senses what you need in order to transform – spiritually, medically, financially, or with relationships.  And then she releases the blocks that prevent you from moving forward in those areas.  If you want to live life to its fullest and have positive, lasting change, contact her.  You will be forever grateful that you did.  I certainly am.”


“Sarah helps my energy move and I feel calm and strong.”  Child, age 8


Sarah’s work is absolutely amazing!    She was able to clear energy blocks that kept me stuck.  After these blocks were released, I experienced major positive changes in my finances and a wonderful sense of well being.